About Us

Formed in 2004, Synergy Land & Minerals, LLC (formerly Maddison Minerals, LLC) is a petroleum land services company located in Austin, TX. With over 100 years of combined experience, our team of highly qualified land professionals have successfully negotiated and acquired over 250,000 net mineral acres and facilitated projects on more than 200 completed oil and natural gas wells.  In total, Synergy has been the land services team on over $750,000,000 of acquisitions and/or divestitures in land, production, and/or mineral/royalty deals.

Having experienced land professionals, providing premier high value land services, using state of the art land technology and providing superior customer service has given Synergy a competitive edge in the industry. Through our extensive work in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, and beyond, our clients continue to return for our results-driven approach

Our Mission

Working together, achieving success Working together, achieving success is a core principal at Synergy Land & Minerals, LLC. We promise to exceed all of our clients’ resource management needs and to maximize their bottom line. We believe following our principals on every project, no matter how big or small, guarantees lucrative results for our clients. We will constantly work harder to ensure our clients that we are the best value land services company. We promise to always seek out the newest technology, take a genuine interest in our clients’ success, and meet or exceed all of our client’s expectations.

Our Philosophy: “We Make Your Land Liquid.”

Understanding your clients’ needs is one thing. But in order to truly serve them, it is essential to have the right tools in place for success. Whether it is in the field, or in the office, exhibiting confidence in our experience and capability to accomplish our clients’ goals is what we at Synergy value most. This belief is seen in the fusion of knowledge, experience, technology, efficiency and hard work. It is what we do, it is who we are, it is in our name: Synergy Land & Minerals.