Mineral Management & Estate Planning Services

Synergy Land & Minerals, LLC has been providing various management/due diligence services to Estate/Trust/Tax Attorneys, Families & Family Offices, the Oil and Gas, Real Estate, Banking, and Personal Wealth Management Industries for over 12 years.  We provide our clients with management tools many managers are currently not utilizing and/or offering their clients.  Working with Synergy allows our clients to better service their client’s/family’s assets.

Synergy understands the importance of proper management of our client’s minerals, which in turn provides our clients the peace of mind knowing that their minerals are being overseen and handled with the utmost care.  Because of this understanding, Synergy has built a mineral management team, with over 100 years of mineral management experience, comprised of highly experienced landmen, attorneys, geologists, geophysicist, accountants, division order analysts, and GIS specialists.  Synergy is capable of handling any size estate/project and managing the client’s assets with extraordinary efficiency.  We can assist in establishing a comprehensive mineral/royalty management program for your family, as well as assisting in the management, marketing, and leasing of your minerals after the system is in place.  Having leased, acquired, and/or divested over 250,000 acres in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma and New Mexico, the professionals at Synergy know the current market conditions, operators, leasing trends, and lease prices in all of the major basins.  We will assist you in realizing the full potential of your minerals.

Synergy Land & Minerals can make a difference in how your/your client’s interests are managed. A complete and accurate accounting of your assets is invaluable to you, the mineral owner/attorney/manager, in terms of being better prepared to serve as a knowledgeable custodian for your family/client.  If you are wondering what minerals you own and where, if the offer you have received to purchase your minerals is fair (which in most cases it is not), if the lease form and bonus are in your best interest (which in most cases they are not), it is best to speak to a professional.   Please allow Synergy Land & Minerals, LLC to show you how we can assist you in getting the most out of your transactions and why we believe, “We Make Your Land Liquid”.